Mind and Matter



Why Looks Count in Politics: In elections, appearance counts more than most of us care to admit. It all comes down to the brain’s orbitofrontal cortex


Children’s Lies are a Sign of Cognitive Progress: Research shows that kids’ ability to bend the truth is a developmental milestone, much like walking and talking


When Does Gratitude Bring Better Health: During the holiday season, gifts, cards, carols and donations constantly urge us to give thanks. But gratitude really can have beneficial psychological effects.


Changes in Sense of Humor May Presage Dementia: New research suggests that shifts in what a person finds funny can herald imminent changes in the brain—possibly presaging certain types of dementia


For Babies, Copy-Cat Games Provide a Social Compass: Researchers begin to understand infants’ imitations


Less Pain, Less Joy: A New Look at Acetaminophen: The drug, found in Tylenol, is an all-purpose damper, a study finds


Practice Makes Some Perfect, Others Maybe Not: Some brains get a musical head start, research shows.


How Intelligence Shifts with Age: We seem to get slower and wiser at the same time.


For a Longer Life, Get Social: Research suggests that more than our eating and exercise habits, our social lives can predict how long we’ll live.