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What Do We Miss When We Communicate Online?


Talks at Google | Nov 20, 2015


Social Media Vs Social Skills


The Sexual Paradox | Feb 3, 2010


The Sexual Paradox | February 28, 2008


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Why modern feminism is illogical, unnecessary, and evil

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Sample Media Coverage for The Sexual Paradox


The Guardian, March 2011
Ideas for modern living: inside out.
By Susan Pinker

The Local (Sweden), June 23, 2009
Swedish parents keep 2-year-old’s gender secret
By Lydia Parafianowicz

The Atlantic, November 2008
Should Women rule?
By Sandra Tsing Loh

Women’s Health, October 29, 2008
Get Inside His Head
By David Hochman

The Guardian, August 3, 2008
Depressed, repressed, objectified: are men
the new women?
By Elizabeth Day

The Times Higher Education, June 26, 2008
Where X does not equal Y
By Helen Haste

The Gazette, June 09, 2008
The volunteer who visits you is probably a woman – and here’s why
By Hugh Anderson

 Las Vegas Sun, May 27, 2008
Man, woman, nurse, engineer
By Charlotte Hsu

The Boston Globe, May 18, 2008
The freedom to say ‘no’
By Elaine McArdle

TES, May 09, 2008
Equality: could we incubate it?
By Adi Bloom

The Financial Times, April 28, 2008
The Sexual Paradox
By Tony Little

Daily Mail, April 22, 2008
Why women don’t want top jobs, by a feminist
By Rosie Boycott

Ottawa Citizen, April 20, 2008
We hate to admit it, but girls and boys may be made of different stuff
By Elizabeth Payne, April 2, 2008
A firm grip on success
By Graeme Green

The New York Post, March 30, 2008
Women’s liberation – equality means choosing the job your really want
By Kyle Smith

Telegraph, March 28, 2008
Gender gap: most girls just want to have fun
By Judith Woods

NBC Today Show, March 24 2008
Why women earn less, men are fragile and more

Fast Forward Weekly, March 20, 2008
Taboo topics
By Ayla Newhouse

The Ottawa Citizen, Sunday, March 09, 2008
The real gender gap
By Anne Marie Owens

The Globe & Mail, March 8, 2008
Learning to love the gender gap
By Laura Penny

The Toronto Star, March 05, 2008
Biological Paradox
By Antonia Zerbisias

The National Post, March 03, 2008
Uncovering the science of the sexes
By Anne Marie Owens

The National Post, March 03, 2008
Uncovering the science of the sexes
By Anne Marie Owens

The National Post, March 03, 2008
Uncovering the science of the sexes
By Anne Marie Owens

Quill & Quire, February 2008
Courting controversy
By Susan Catto

Quill & Quire, October 16, 2007 Manguel, Pinker,
Sudan memoir hot at Frankfurt
By Derek Weiler

Quill & Quire, October 12, 2007
Canadians get a strong start at Frankfurt
By Derek Weiler




Personalmagazin, May 2016
Persönliche Kontakte sind elementar wichtig, betont Susan Pinker. Sie machen die Menschen nicht nur gesünder und zufriedener, sondern auch produktiver.

by Barbel Schwertfeger.

Die Weltwoche, March 2008
Warum Frauen keine Karriere machen

Der Spiegel, September 2008
Männer sind extremer

KURIER, December 12, 2009
Psychologin Pinker zu “Was Frau will”
by Emily Walton




Muy-Intersante, November 20, 2009
La biología es muy importante a la hora de
entender nuestra satisfacción en el puesto de trabajo

 Yo Dona, September 24, 2009
Susan Pinker: ‘El nuevo feminismo debe
apoyarse en los avances científicos’
By Álvaro Colomer




De Volkskrant, April 26, 2008
Hij wil geld,
zij gelukkig zijn



La Stampa, February 27, 2008
Mysteries: The Difference Between the Sexes

Gioia, February 20, 2009
L’ormone della differenza
By Monica Ceci




Morgenbladet, December 12, 2008
Vi kan ikke lenger fornekte de biologiske forskjellene mellom kjønnene,
sier Susan Pinker
By Thomas Berg



Portuguese – Brazil


Você S/A, December,
2010 A genétical explica
By Roberta Salomone

 Folha, March 21, 2010
Mulher é mais feliz quando reconhece diferenças de gênero,
diz cientista
By Ricardo Mioto

Galileu, March 8, 2010
Mulher não está no topo do mercado de trabalho porque não quer,
diz psicóloga
By Mariana Lucena



The Marker, 2012

Yediot Ahronot, 2013